Mumtaz Yar - Ud -Dowla - The Founder (1862 – 1944)

Mir Mumtaz Ali, the ‘Sir Syed of the South’ was a man of educational foresight and great wisdom.  He was born on 9th February 1862 to Mir Mansab Ali, a Hafiz-e-Quran and religious scholar of repute .  His genealogical tree traces his descent from Hazarat Bibi Fatima Zahra  (Razi Allah Tala Anaha)  in forty-sixth degree.

Mir Mumtaz Ali received early education under the tutelage of a well known saint, Hazarat Nooruddin Shah Quadri  Later he joined Mir Mahboob Ali Khan Asaf Jah VI as his companion in studies.

He was married to the daughter of Sir Afsar ul Mulk, the commander-in-chief of the Nizam’s Army.

While in the delegation to Turkey, he had an opportunity to study the Turkish Military Academy and desired to establish one such Academy in Hyderabad. 

Asafia Madarasa (High School) that started in 1896 was a result of this desire.   It had several military oriented sports and athletics even though military academy could not materialize due to pressure from British Resident.

To provide the school with a permanent source of income, he donated half of his private property to constitute a Trust named “The Mumtaz Yar Ud Dowla Trust” (Waqf).  Mumtaz College that was established in 1957 and Engineering College in 2009 named after him is a fulfillment of his dream to see  this institution flourish in the field of education.   After giving yeoman  services to the millat he expired on 16th June,1944.

The existence of his tomb within the Campus reflects his attachment and inherent love for education (May his soul rest in peace).

The institution was established to

  • Serve the growing student community.

  • Provide higher education to urban and rural students of Economically backward community.

  • Produce intellectually creative, socially responsible, morally respectable, complete individuals ready to face the demands of the world.

  • Translate the vision of its founder by excellence in the scientific and commercial fields.

  • Produce morally, ethically and professionally competent young Indians with forceful personality, in order to create the right mix of tradition and modernity.

Mumtaz College is located at Malakpet near Asmangadh in the pollution free environment spread over an area of 29 acres. It has six blocks consisting off several classrooms and laboratories. It has a spacious library and well-equipped Gym. Seminar Hall, Assembly Hall, Girls Rest Room, Botanical Garden and various courts of sports and games are some for the unique features of this college. The setting and healthy atmosphere adds to the physical and emotional well being of the students. . ...more